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Vladislav Wojciechowski has been wounded

On January, 13 in the area of T-1303 highway called "Bahmutka" by people, being on a combat duty Vladislav Wojciechowski has been wounded.

An antitank guided missile (ATGM) allegedly detonated at the entrance of the dugout where Vlad and other soldiers were situated. All of them received injuries of varying severity but fortunately survived. Now the life of our friend is not in danger. Vlad received a concussion and after a short-term loss of consciousness was taken to a hospital.

Vlad Wojciechowski is a well known ukrainian anti-fascist, one of the founders of the Borotba ("struggle" in ukranian) association in Odessa.

On may 2, 2014 he was one of the defenders of the House of Trade Unions, narrowly escaped. After that, he emigrated to the Crimea. In September 2014 he was arrested in Odessa, and charged with creating a terrorist organization called URA (Ukrainian Red Army) and a series of explosions near the administrative buildings. A few months later he was exchanged. He served in the ranks of the Prizrak brigade ("ghost" in russian), then in the People's Militia of Lugansk People's Republic.

We wish our friend a speedy recovery!

Hold on, Vlad!


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